Outsorcing Increase quality, reduce costs, legal compliance

The Company

Alianxa is a group of professionals and ally companies interested in offering our customers a stable and trust solution with human care and professionalism.

Franco Paganessi is the co funder with 15 years in SAP implementations with accounting background and more than 6 years in BI projects implementations of balance score dashboards and controls dashboards to help company owners how to keep control of your business avoiding the risk of being the last one to know the truth of what was happening in your business after the collapse.

We are a company of professional resources in knowledge and experience in  QlikView, QlikSense and Microsoft Power BI solutions.


Collaborate, keep, support with human care our customers with trusted outsourcing services and professionalism reducing the need to our customers in the need, buy, keep admin, resources, infrastructure and technology delegating to Alianxa the need to create, transform, produce bussiness Inteligence and analitycs solucions or applications for the managers of the companies.


Become a trusted partner and ally to our customers in Colombia and abroad companies with professional services in outsourcing of Business Intelligence and analytics solution resource experts 

The BPO Concepts:

BPO, stands for “Business Process Outsourcing” which covers different business process (accounting, Payroll, Receivables, reporting services) that could be delegated to a third party company for its administration.

The today world is full of analysis, information, opportunities, competitors, where the owners need to have clear and focus, and leaving others to keep control of the non operating scope of your company.

Alianxa will support your business and specially your team to have control and focus on clear strategical targets, by administrating other process (support processes) like accounting, payroll or reporting. Many companies loose time and money dedicating time and money to non critical customer process oriented. Please ask how we can help you.

Service Level Agreements

In alianxa we understand the importance of having the information on time, at the right moment when ever your need it.


ALIANXA is aware of the importance of your data is critical to you and your business. Once stared a relationship with oru customers there will be a Confidentiality agreement contract where will explain that Alianxa or its resources will no distribute, share, sell to anyone your companies information.

(Response times)

Once started a relationship with our customers we state an agrements of SLV (Service Level Agreements) of response time.


We undertand that human can do errors and we are a company of people that can create erros. Reasong why every data delivered to our customers passes a control within our analytics tools (Data Mining) that highlights any missing data o errors before publishing.


Our team is available to our customers from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm Colombian Time. There are optios where we can make and exceptions and create a service level agreement to support your business running (premium Support).

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10 business questions to answer before starting to create your own a process

Question No. 1 1. ​​​​​​¿What is really your core business where you need to keep control of your customer process centric? "The essence of the strategy is not simply to choose what to do, it also requires choosing what not to do" Robert Kaplan and David Norton Creators of the Balanced Scorecard Companies as they grow are filled with processes, rules and procedures that slow down their operation and operation. The recommendation is to delegate to experienced third parties those processes that are not the business core to outsourcing companies so that they can focus their efforts on selling more and generating value. Question No. 2 2. ​​​¿What other business process will demand time cost effort that will not leverage your business target and goals? Every company manager should review the processes of their company and analyze among them which are those that generate value and growth for the company and those that do not, delegate their operations to third parties so that they can focus their efforts towards the growth of the company . Question No. 3 3. ¿What key process can be done by an autocuing company? Every company must have commercial processes, accounting, treasury, systems, managerial reports, legal and each in turn must generate reports, reports, fulfillment that must be met month by month. The recommendation in Alianxa is to delegate to third parties those processes that make you waste time in those processes that generate value. Your clients! Call us to advise and make your life easier! Question No. 4 4. ¿What are the processes that demand lot of time every month to your key resources without focusing on customer centric? Being up-to-date on reports and fulfillment can be frustrating for some companies when you prefer to carry out all the reports that a company must fulfill. On the other hand, the manual processing of reports takes time and a high degree of probability to human error (due to stress or ignorance). The recommendation is to delegate to experienced third parties those processes that take more time. In Alianxa we have BI tools that facilitate the process of unification of data to make reports with quality Contact Us! Question No. 5 5. ​​​¿You have an idea of reprocesses every month, for instance when there are changes in the accounting system that needs to start from scratch? Does the day-to-day consume employees effort in performing repetitive tasks and leaves appart the strategic tasks? Your employees have the support of a business outsourcing company that can advise you and reduce operating time to use it in strategic planning time? Contact us! Question No. 6 6. ¿Do you know what percenter of the time of your employees loses in repetitive task than can be done by machines or applications? Companies have a very important resource. Your employees! However, the labor market is changing every day and we see ourselves there are times with high turnover of personnel. To maintain the quality of the information by considering staff turnover, companies must maintain a continuous and well-documented training process on how to do the work and the reports. As an alternative, delegate some accounting, financial, reporting processes to companies that can do the same internal work and performed by an experienced third party. Contact Us! Question No. 7 7. ¿Do you know if your people in the company really have time to monitor the key controls because of the day to day is consuming the important key control management? Companies are growing in customers, employees and every day there are more fixed assets to manage! Additionally, more jobs and physical space are required that month after month generate additional costs. By having a business partner for some business processes your company does not require fixed costs in maintenance of equipment, networks, computer equipment among others, money that can be used for investment and expansion projects. Question No. 8 8. ¿Do you have a budget for maintenance of computers, network, servers and maybe is higher the total cost of ownerships may be lower having a third party process? Have you ever made an estimate of how much you spend per month per square meter in your company? Simply add all the fixed costs of your company (electricity, water, Internet, property taxes ect) and divide it by the number of square meters to determine as an alternative, how much you could be saving in a business outsourcing. Question No. 9 9. ¿Do you have in mind how much, total cost of opportunity having external offices instead of paying a rent or lease? Have you ever made an estimate of how much you spend per month per square meter in your company? Simply add all the fixed costs of your company (electricity, water, Internet, property taxes ect) and divide it by the number of square meters to determine as an alternative, how much you could be saving in a business outsourcing. Question No. 10 10. ¿Do you have a budget for Licensing and maintenance of software? Maintaining an administrative accounting software and the entire technology platform that supports that software could be a cost in censor when it is supported by a business outsourcing. Maintaining computer equipment is not only the purchase of the software but also the updating, the system changes and the personnel in charge of the applications that could cost a fixed monthly cost.