¿Analytics by Outsourcing? We finance your Bi and Analytics projects levering cash flow to your key customer centric projects ¿Infrastructure as a service? We know how to help you depending of your data needs where to go, having options from on premise solutions to cloud or hybrid solutions reachable from every budget Are you think in a BI infrastructure? Servers, Licensing perpetually, data warehouse, Data lakes..? What will be the cost benefit of maintaining computers? Laptops, actualizations, IT infrastructure, networks... What the sport level agreement on a daily basis? Issue management, Access problems, Questions and answers

¿Thinking in a BI project?

Understanding, design, construction, testing, deploy, go live.

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We have over 20 years in IT implementations like ERP and BI implementations, a long pathway understanding what if the best for your information needs.

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More than 15 years in ERP SAP projects and more than 6 years implementing BI solutions with more than 100 projects let us help you defining what is best according to your data, your budget and your user needs facilitating TCO.

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Different BI infrastructure types

On Premise (With Server) On Premise (With Server) Traditional BI project implementation where the client installs a licensed server for the processing of BI information in their facilities (on Premise), performing Extraction, Transformation, Upload and visualization in network of the client's company. On Cloud (Without Server) On Cloud (Without Server) BI projects 100% in the cloud, where the client can have the information to the users he prefers without worrying about Infrastructure, Servers, Networks and network maintenance. This solution applies to all customers who prefer  monthly OPEX payment . Hybrid (On Premise + Cloud) Hybrid (On Premise + Cloud) BI projects Implementation (Recommended) where the extraction and transformation processes (the heaviest work in BI) are carried out in the client's facilities and internal network (on premise) and the visualization in the cloud.  Contact us. We Know how to help you  ..

Different types of services

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Different types of payments


Payment in full during implantation


Monthly payment